European Assistant Association

Assistant Association for the Administrative Professionals

EAA is a not-for-profit association for administrative service professionals created out of a passion for continuous self-improvement and a desire to provide opportunities for skill development through education and community building. We strive to provide our members with the opportunity to learn and prosper by better understanding how important everyone’s role is in the business. We provide professionals with the opportunity to develop new skills through mutual knowledge sharing and also to raise awareness of their own value in the workplace by gaining the confidence to improve professionally. Together, we contribute to an innovative ecosystem that is easier to navigate. 


The First Professional Association in Europe for those providing and delivering administrative services of any kind.


Created with thought and passion to promote, support and grow
every day.


Helping meet changing trends and requirements by sharing experiences and valuable knowledge.


Together we form a group full of new ideas ensuring continuous development and further success in
our careers.


With EAA, we can protect the integrity of a rapidly growing industry.

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